Monday, March 9, 2015

Five Things About Writing - Part 5

I believe I met an angel in Red Square on May Day while on route to my final destination in Siberia. A group of believers gathered spontaneously in a small circle in Red Square and decided to pray for the Russian people. Within a short period of time the prayer circle grew to an enormous size. The English-speaking prayer leader asked for a translator, and seemingly out of nowhere came a tall Russian woman who volunteered. She spoke perfect English, and her translation to Russian sounded like it could be heard across Red Square. At the completion of the prayer, she disappeared into the crowd. To me she felt like an angel. When I wrote the book Patch Town: A Letter From Miss Wingate I incorporated instances of random people coming into a person’s life to affirm their walk of faith. Was it coincidence or an angel? Only God knows!

Do you believe you ever encountered an angel? Won’t you share your story with me?

Robert Parlante
March 2015

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