Saturday, March 18, 2017

Goodreads Book Review

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Patch Town: Up From the Ashes is the second book in a series, but it's the first in the series I read. It reads as a standalone novel and at only one hundred and five pages, a relatively quick read. Martin has had his share of troubles. He had troubles growing up, then he lost his wife to breast cancer. He's now trying to get his life together, going to church, talking to God and doing the right thing. However, the past has a way of catching up.

Someone is trying to kill him. He's nearly been hit by a speeding vehicle several times, and it's never the same vehicle. It happens so fast that he can't see who is behind the wheel. Not only is this bearing heavily upon his mind, but he's not sure how the relationship with his friend Linda is going. He thinks he is ready to move things to the next level but he's still unsure. And to make matters even worse, one of his worst nightmares is rising. His daughter Ruth may have breast cancer; the same cancer that took his wife. Martin will need to get on his knees and put all of his faith into God if he hopes to get himself and Ruth out of their current predicaments alive or have peace with the results.

A quick read that has elements of suspense, family dynamics and a splash of romance mesh together into a solid and sharp read. Parlante's talent with words draws vivid images in the reader's mind that really bring it all together. Solid writing and a great novel.

Hope you enjoy the read!
Robert Parlante

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