Thursday, June 29, 2017

FaceTime in Person

Just got back from visiting family in New Jersey. Had a great time, traveling with two of our grand-kids from North Carolina, meeting up with a grandson doing an internship in Manhattan, and visiting with three grand-kids who live in New Jersey. I typically keep in touch with them with an occasional text or Facebook post, but it is not the same as being face-to-face, in person. They are all growing older, have their own life views, and they freely express their opinions. I couldn’t be more proud of my nine grand-kids and my one grandson-in-law.

Speaking of getting older. It is hard keeping up with young adults. They have energy and can handle electronics with abundant skill and know-how. I wish some of that knowledge and energy would rub off on me by osmosis. While I was gearing up for a good night sleep because my energy level was approaching a new low, they are going bowling at midnight! The first night home following our trip I almost slept 10 hours straight!

Despite their crazy activities, I am proud of all our grandkids and grandson-in-law. Apple’s FaceTime is fine, but it is more productive to be face-to-face with your children and grandkids.
Robert Parlante
June 2017

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