Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Chickens, Eggs and Goats

Passed a sign yesterday as I drove along a country road to meet friends for lunch. Along the winding road I encountered a crudely paint (more like shabby chic) sign advertising chickens, eggs and goats for sale. Brought back memories of growing up in the country.

My family raised chicken and one of my household chore was collecting eggs. I hated the job because every time I tried to collect eggs I was attacked by our resident rooster for disturbing his domain. That unfriendly relationship left an indelible mark on my psyche. Recently, I was buying some plants in an old-fashioned hardware store. They have a resident rooster prancing about the store which I was not aware of. When the rooster crowed, I froze. After all these years, I still had an immediate urge to run or kick the rooster away when he charges me.

I have no extensive experience with goats. I do recall once trying to milk one when my father took me to visit a friend who owned a large family farm.

I’m not wild about goat cheese for no reason. I more likely associate cheese with something more familiar like Laughing Cow.

I checked out the web for information about owning a goat. I visited sites that gave 10 reasons to own a goat and 20 reasons not to own a goat. None convinced me one way or the other. But one did appeal to me. Goats can clear land like a mini-bulldozer. Apparently three or four goats can clear an acre of overgrown grass and shrubs in no time!

Have any experience with goats? I’d love to hear from you.

Robert Parlante
May 2017

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