Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Incredible Shrinking Soap

In the 1957, “The Incredible Shrinking Man” was released and became a multimillion dollar movie. The film is the story of a man who keeps shrinking to nothingness after inhaling some atomic mist. It was strictly science fiction with some social commentary thrown into the mix about the horrors of nuclear warfare.

A few days ago I experienced my own version of the shrinking man. (It was not about me getting shorter as I get older.) It had to do with a bar of soap. I reached for a fresh boxed bar of soap and immediately thought the package felt smaller. When I opened the box, my expectations were confirmed. The bar of soap had shrunk in size with rounded corners that barely filled my open palm.

Hand soaps are not the only thing shrinking these days. Cereal boxes are half full. A gallon-size container of ice cream is a thing of the past. Tiny houses are all the rage. Even paychecks are “shrinking” because it costs more to buy less as we encounter minimal salary increases.

But one thing does not change nor shrink in value. It’s the same today as it was 2000+ years ago. This Christmas season is a reminder that the birth of Jesus Christ came with a gift of salvation for all. The heavens announced the birth with a proclamation of peace for all people. It’s not just the peace we experience where there is no conflict. It’s the peace we experience when we know we have a way to reconcile ourselves with a Savior, despite the turmoil in our lives.

Two thousand years later it is still the same. While soap bars shrink to accommodate the times, Hebrews13:8 reminds that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

The best part of the gift of salvation is that it has eternal consequences. Best Wishes to all the readers of this blog worldwide. Thank you for your support and feedback.

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