Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Finding Emmeline

Here is a peek at the back book cover of my next faith-based novel titled "Finding Emmeline." This is the first book in a new series about the Brain-Box Detective Club that will be released early next year.

Martin Gilmore agrees reluctantly to victim reconciliation with prisoner Charles Quinn who tried to murder him. Martin cannot forget his near-death experience when Quinn sets fire to a barn, trapping Martin inside. Martin barely escapes. Now he faces a dilemma.

Can any victim muster enough grace to forgive someone who tried to kill him?

But the prisoner has more than forgiveness on his mind. Quinn wants Martin to find his wife Emmeline who ran away from the marriage after the birth of their child Ava, now eight years old.

Martin is pulled into the mystery and follows a thread of clues leading him to a theater group. He finds Emmeline, with a new identity, being held emotionally captive by a domineering man involved in counterfeit documents and work papers.

Martin and his newly-formed team of amateur detectives plot a plan of rescue. The team focuses on a stage performance of Death by Reunion to kidnap Emmeline. A wild car chase ensues, there is a fury of gunshots, and Martin’s Mustang careens into a guardrail along a cavernous ravine.

Will Martin be rescued in time as his car hangs on the edge of certain death, testing his faith in the Lord? Will Emmeline and Charles ever find a pathway to rebuild their marriage?

Robert Parlante
November 2016

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