Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Travelling with a Friend

On November 27, 1920 after a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, my father landed on the shore of this great country and entered through Ellis Island. Some years ago, I was able to retrace pieces of the steps my father took from Perugia, Italy, the land of Francis of Assisi, through Paris to the Normandy coast where he boarded the Il de France for America.

I was able to find the passenger manifest for that sail, and there was my father’s name, a man of twenty-three, full of conviction, independence and dreams. In all of his dreams I doubt he could have envisioned who I am today. I am proud to stand on his shoulders, and I now look into the future, however darkly, and see a bright future for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren despite the gloom and doom of daily news about everything wrong with our society.

But as I went through the ship manifest, I made a startling discovery. I concluded it was one of the keys to a successful life journey. My father was traveling with his best friend. They remained friends until my father’s passing.

My wife is my best friend and a great traveling companion. When two are joined, the hurdles and burdens of life are manageable when you consider two views, two solutions, and two “recipes” to approach any problem. Out of all that stew comes the agreement.

But not everyone is blessed with a “travelling” companion. Well, that’s not exactly true. Here’s a suggestion. Go to You Tube and listen to the hymn “What A Friend We Have in Jesus.”

There is never a time in life when we do not have a friend or travelling companion.

Have a life of dreams and convictions.

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Robert Parlante
October 2016

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