Thursday, May 19, 2016

Finding Personal Peace - Part 2

With this blog I continue a series of reflections about finding personal peace. Why do we crave peace? Why do we feel so much turmoil in our spirit that makes us feel downtrodden? Much seems to be wrong with the world we live in. Just read a newspaper or watch cable news. Take an honest look at our personal family situations. It can get downright discouraging, and we find what peace we may have is displaced easily by anxiety.
Previously we talked about “not fretting or agonizing” over our personal circumstances or the prosperity of evildoers That is the first step. If we persist on fretting Satan does not have to be too concerned with us. Our hearts and mind are preoccupied with turmoil and we think less about walking the believer’s walk that should bind our peace in Christ’s redemption.

Let’s continue our journey with Psalm 37, verse three:

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”
To trust in the Lord is to place our confidence in God. When we face difficult circumstances, we must place our trust in the Lord to make a way. I’m reminded of the first time I tried to dive off a high board. Climbing up the ladder my feet wobbled with every step. When I reached the top and looked down, I chickened out. That’s what it’s like to trust God. A part of us thinks nothing is going to happen, why bother or we should take care of it ourselves.

Be actively involved in doing good.
Be happy where God has placed you.
Believe the Lord will keep you safe even though “life” happens.
But it all starts with trust. Are you ready for the high board?

Robert Parlante
May 2016

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