Thursday, April 21, 2016

Judging a Book by its Cover

Publishers frequently place enticing copy on the back cover of a book to draw the reader into the full text. My novel "The Reflection in the Mirror" will be published by New Harbor Publishing in the next few months. The following write-up is on its back cover. Hope it draws you into my latest romantic suspense novel .

"Martin Gilmore knows about the power of forgiveness. With help from family and friends, he transforms himself from an angry man, damaged by a childhood incident involving a teacher, to a new man experiencing joy for the first time in Christ’s redemption. That spiritual walk involves hard choices.

As a single dad to his two grown children who strives to achieve integrity in the workplace while dealing with his feelings for his fiancĂ©e, Linda, Martin knows the test of a refiner’s fire where life hangs in balance. So far, those experiences strengthened him. But will his trust in God last when he faces challenges?

When sixteen-year-old Simon enters the picture, Martin feels like he’s looking into a mirror and seeing his old flawed self all over again. The young runaway is a thief, a substance abuser, and a truant, who hates his missing father.

Simon’s unexpected kidnapping draws Martin into a dark, sinister world of illicit activities. Can he rescue Simon and his father? Can Martin finally overcome the smoldering embers of failure trying to reignite within him?"

Robert Parlante
April 2016

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