Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Up from the Ashes (Part 2)

Just received the artwork for my book two titled Up from the Ashes, part of my Patch Town series. The new book will go Kindle Live first followed by the print version being available late summer.

The cover is dark and ominous. The story has many twists and turns while someone tries to kill the main character Martin Gilmore. Some of the new book characters are a carry-over from the first book. You don't have to read book one (A Letter from Miss Wingate) to understand book two. But if you do read the first book in the series I am confident you will enjoy book two even more.

Just saw a announcement board outside a small Christian library in my hometown which read, Travel the World, Read a Book!

Here is my take. Solve a crime from the comfort of your armchair! Check out Up from the Ashes.

Robert Parlante
August 2015

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