Thursday, July 16, 2015

Up from the Ashes

Book two in my Patch Town series is in the final stages of editing and design. The Christian fiction book title is "Up from the Ashes" and should be published late summer. Here is a preview of the back cover which gives the reader a hint of what the book is all about. Hope this piques your interest!

 "Someone is trying to harm Martin Gilmore. First a white jalopy with a missing tailgate tries to run him down. He encounters road rage involving a dark blue van. Then an oversized black truck stalks him for the final kill.

 As Martin follows clues leading to the suspected killer, he receives startling news. His young daughter Ruthie faces a diagnosis of breast cancer. Martin’s world collapses, having lost his wife three years earlier to cancer. And now will Ruthie face a similar nightmare?

 Employed by a real estate development company, Martin is drawn into a web of corporate deceit as Ruthie’s illness overwhelms him, and the killer zeroes in on him.

 Martin must confront hard choices. Be a supportive dad to Ruthie, try to live as an ethical believer, deal with his feelings for his friend Linda. In the end, Martin faces an inferno of hatred where his life hangs in balance and his trust in God is challenged."

Hope you enjoy the book. I had a blast writing it!

Robert Parlante
July 2015

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