Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Points of Connection

A good friend who pastored in the Lancaster, PA area at one point in his ministry passed on the following after reading Patch Town – A Letter From Miss Wingate:

“I just finished reading the Patch Town book this week. It was great, and if you measure a good book by the way it touches hearts and lives, well, my real tears mixed several times with tears on the written page.

Few points of connection – I felt drawn back into our year ministering in Lewisburg and d
riving south down Route 15 through Sunbury, where I went to ask forgiveness from the owner of Sunbury Organ and Piano.

Your mention of Bloomsburg brought me back to our son’s birth at Bloomsburg Hospital.

Your mention of Willow Crest brings back many memories of Willow Valley – we still have one commemorative glass left; sole survivor.

Seems to me that Shanks Patch was some place out of Selinsgrove or Shamokin.

Even Old Philadelphia brought back a memory of me finding my great-great-grandparents wedding license that I found in the records building there.”

A fiction book should evoke reality to the reader. If it doesn't, then the work is simply words on a page. Let me hear from you. Share an experience when the words on a page spoke points of connection with your heart.

Robert Parlante
January 2015

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