Thursday, July 24, 2014

Now Live on Amazon

Patch Town - A Letter from Miss Wingate is now live on Amazon:

Official print release date is set as October 1. The ebook is going live before the print edition release.

It was a long and hard path getting to this stage, and I keep staring at the computer monitor thinking I'm still dreaming. While I'd like you to read the novel, (and hopefully are blessed by it!) there's another message with which I would like to encourage you. Never give up!

I've been writing since I was 13 years old, always dreamed of writing a novel or two, but never accomplished that task until now. We all use typical excuses to accomplish a late life goal. When I got to that Y in the road years ago I should have taken the one I chose not to take at the moment. With late life comes the usual concerns like age, illnesses and family responsibilities __ all of which can sidetrack our dreams and goals. But the things we are passionate about do not necessarily diminish with age.

After you read my novel I would like you to remember two things. The character Martin Gilmore in the story had to overcome monumental hurdles to move from failure to forgiveness to spiritual redemption. His success as a person ... as a believer ... took commitment, support and perseverance. I hope your future dream gets accomplished the same way!

Robert Parlante
July 2014


  1. Great book cover! I can't wait to see it in print. :-)

  2. Hannah did a great job. She captured the idea of the letter and the "river of God" chapter and combined them into the book cover. I'm looking forward to the print edition.